Glencora Impex

GLENCORA IMPEX is a road transport company for freight which carries out international freight transports for general freight and clothes on hangers from/to Europe and inland freight transport services. It ensures a logistics base in its warehouses. 
in order to meet our clients’ needs and wishes, out the company has a young and dynamic team with a high professional level and a vast experience in coordinating transport offers, a team that knows how and can raise the level of the quality of the offered transportation services, so that the client is fully satisfied.  
We center on the development of relationships with our clients as we are convinced that long term relationships can lead to great results for our clients and for ourselves. Our fees are low, since our aim is not profit at all costs, but the increase of the trust our existent clients have in us and gaining the trust of our new clients. The auto park is made of utility cars, vans, trucks and it is ever-growing in order to cater for the different requests. We rely on our own capacity, as well as on that of our carefully selected collaborators.
We are looking for new opportunities to expand our road transport services, and we are looking forward to discussing any potential collaboration, while promoting good business ethics.

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