Glencora Impex Srl is a road transport company, with offices in Bacau, which carries out general merchandize transports throughout the country, specialized transportation for clothes on hangers in the European Union Member states, international freight transportation within and outside the community, ADR transportation and containers transportation.

If you want your merchandize to reach its destination safely and on time, you need a trusted partner with a vast experience in the field of road transportation who offers high quality services.

Our auto park includes at present, utility cars with 1,5 t load and 15,6 m3 capacity, trucks with 3 t loads and 36m3 capacity, trucks with 20 t loads and 90mc capacity, truck with Abroll containers load and container transporters; and it is growing constantly.

Tanks to our team of experienced personnel we can offer quality services at prices unequalled by the competition.

We are looking for new opportunities to expend our road traffic transportation and we are opened to any potential cooperation, while respecting and promoting sound business ethics.

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