GLENCORA IMPEX SRL offers complete and modern logistics solutions adapted to each client, drawn up and decided on together with powerful internal and international partners. 

The logistics solutions that we offer our clients include planning, organization, carrying out and control of each freight flux, starting with collecting it from the suppliers, transportation, handling, storing and conditioning of freight, the final phase being its distribution to the end clients. 

Using the solution of a main logistics supplier partner, our clients benefit from a series of advantages such as income growth, increased profitability, reduction of investments, saving managerial resources and coming closer to the clients due to faster, high quality deliveries.

Here are some services from this logistics chain: 
- designing the supply chain
- Collecting the merchandize
- Storing the freight in free or customs regime 
- Handling and preparing the freight for delivery/distribution 
- Management of stocks
- Freight delivery
- Insuring the freight during transport and storage 
- Carrying out customs, import/export formalities 
- Receiving/delivering all the documents at the customer’s office
- Strict monitoring of all operations 
- Various other services with added value: sorting, packaging, labeling, adding instructions,  etc.

At present, the company holds storing facilities in Buhusi. The storing capacity 2.000 euro pallets, and in the near future we will acquire a new 3.000 square meters storing facility.

The present storage area is insured and equipped with video surveillance and alarms.

Handling and other preparing operations pre-distribution are carried out by hand or special machinery, by qualified personnel in the field.

At the same time, merchandise coming in and going out are strictly monitored, so we can have control over the storage at any time.

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